A proposed state constitutional amendment that would protect every Vermonter’s right to make their own reproductive decisions, like whether and when to become a parent, use temporary or permanent birth control, or seek abortion care.

Will you pledge to support reproductive freedom at the ballot box in 2022?

It’s all hands on deck. Join a movement powered by Vermonters.

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This winter, the Vermont House of Representatives will vote on the amendment in its fourth and final stage of legislative review. If passed, the amendment will go to Vermont voters as a ballot measure in the 2022 General Election.

“I had an abortion before the legal protections of Roe v. Wade. I felt frantic and desperate navigating the process. Now I’m the mother of grown children, and I know we have to protect our reproductive rights so others don’t have an experience like mine.”


Anne –  Wallingford, VT

“I have always been inspired by my mother’s advocacy for reproductive health – and am honored to follow in her footsteps. Reproductive freedom is an issue that impacts people of all genders. Everyone is better off when we take steps towards gender equity.”


Scott – Stowe, VT

“When I got my IUD, I gained control of my family’s future, in a way. It allowed me and my husband to live our lives and decide to have children when we were ready.”


Mary Jane – Middlebury, VT

Reproductive liberty is health freedom autonomy dignity justice .

The Vermont Reproductive Liberty Amendment Campaign is led by Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund’s Vermont for Reproductive Liberty IE PAC, ACLU-Vermont, Alliance for a Better Vermont, and the League of Women Voters of Vermont.

Paid for by the Vermont for Reproductive Liberty IE PAC